Building Next Generation AI

NukkAI is a world leader in the development of an Artificial Intelligence that is explainable, that does not aim at replacing humans but at collaborating with them and that are energy efficient.

In a world where machines will play an exponentially growing part, NukkAI ensures that humans will always remain in control.

Why AI should be explainable ?

One of the biggest challenges of AI is building trustworthy AI-powered systems. Humans and corporations are increasingly uncomfortable with “black box” AI algorithms that offer no insight into how decisions were reached. Our goal is to bring transparency to the models, facilitate compliance, improve model performance and reduce ethical bias.

Why Bridge ?

Bridge is the game that has most similarities with real-life: the information is incomplete, there are partners and opponents and the rules impose some explainability. It is the ideal testbed for the AIs we are building.

In March 2022 NukkAI achieved a major breakthrough by winning a challenge against 8 World champions. For more informations about this challenge, please follow this link.

What products do we build at NukkAI’s ?

We transfer what we have deployed on Bridge to business verticals and this approach allows us to tackle the most complex problems.

NuX, our interactive AI tool customized for each domain, proposes efficient solutions while providing explanations in natural language adapted to user’s profile.

NuX has already been customized for different domains: Aeronautics, Education, Cybersecurity, Defense, etc.

As NuX improves performance while responding to responsibility and transparency issues, this generic tool has potential in virtually all business verticals.

A leader in next generation AI

Bringing together the best researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and experts to create a unique ecosystem.

Thinking of joining us ?

The ambitious Bridge challenge and the ability to explore new domains have allowed NukkAI to federate a diverse team gathering the best talents in AI.

NukkAI team as of July, 2020
NukkAI team as of July, 2021